My name is Frank and I can suck my own penis.

This means that I am an Autofellationist. This is someone who can perform Autofellatio.

I have written a book on this very subject and I want to share these secrets so that you can learn, too.

You might be wondering if Autofellatio is even Possible...?

Yes. Autofellatio is possible. A simple search on the Internet will reveal videos and pictures of some amazing men who are able to perform autofellatio which is one of the most incredible forms of masturbation.

And how many men are able to pleasure themselves in this way? Well, that's a good question. The scientific community estimates it to be about 1 in every 3,000 men. Which certainly puts the men who can perform Autofellatio in a special class all by themselves.

Note that studies also show that only 1 Man in 3,000 (ages 18 to 40) has Six-Pack Abs; but that doesn't mean that the other 2,999 of us can't get Six-Pack Abs, now, does it?

The same is true of Autofellatio, but from personal experience, Autofellatio is a whole lot easier to master than getting Six-Pack Abs! Trust me. I know because I don't have Six-Pack Abs (hey, I tried). This is why I wrote a book on how to teach you Autofellatio instead of writing a book on how to get Six-Pack Abs.

Yet, I am absolute living proof that Autofellatio IS possible; even though I'm just an "average" person.

Let's get something straight from the start: I haven't always been able to Autofellate. I am not a Sexual Magician. I'm not a contortionist or a gymnast. I'm not double-jointed and I've never had any of my ribs surgically removed. Like I said, I'm just an average guy with an average body who learned Autofellatio on his own. I will admit that my medical background helped tremendously in my quest to learn autofellatio; but my autofellatio journey was a long discovery process filled with hard work and a great deal of set-backs.

My autofellatio book,
"YOGAFELLATIO," cuts out that hard work and struggle for you. "Sports Medicine" has evolved so much in the last thirty years that what is being uncovered is unbelievable. We finally know how such ancient techniques, such as Yoga, actually work to help the body. You now have the chance to easily learn what took me years to discover and develop. Priceless information that men have wanted and dreamed of getting their hands on for thousands of years... This information is NOW available to YOU! Think about that. Every man who has ever walked the Earth has wished he could Autofellate and perform autofellatio.

So, what's in the book? Well, I don't spend page-after-page discussing the History of Autofellatio or boring you with my personal life. I don't waste your time. Sure, I can write about ancient architecture and historical examples of Autofellatio through the ages; but, honestly, who really cares? Talking about ancient Autofellatio artifacts doesn't have a thing to do with whether I can help teach you Autofellatio or not.

Here's the deal: I have information and knowledge that can help you learn to Autofellate. My book starts off running from Page One and doesn't stop until the last page. Then, once you catch your breath, you've got more than enough information for a one-way ticket to Autofellatio Paradise.

Just like you, before I purchase a book, I like to know what's inside. Here are a few pages of my autofellatio book to give you an idea:
You might look at this Autofellatio Flowchart and think it looks complicated. You are exactly correct! It does "LOOK" complicated, but it isn't! If you can spend 30 minutes in a Sixth-Grade PE class, then you can easily understand and implement everything in this book.

My book has a lot of information in it. It has to. It couldn't have been properly written without getting into the anatomical and biomechanical aspects of how Autofellatio works. The reader needs to understand what is mechanically going on in the body during this process. This helps ensure we learn Autofellatio properly.

Any person can stretch the heck out of their ligaments and try to perform Autofellatio. The problem is that this increased stretching makes the joints associated with these ligaments unstable. That's not what we want.

By specifically targeting associated parts of the joints (muscles, fascia, etc.), we don't have to overstretch the ligaments to get results. Such simple exercises, like learning how to unlock a simple body plane, will give most people an additional 10% of flexion in certain joints. Just learning the secrets of power stretching will get you limber enough for autofellatio in no time. Like I mentioned earlier, most of this information has been fairly recently discovered thanks to advancements and breakthrough studies in the fields of sports medicine and physical therapeutics.

That's the purpose of my book: To teach men a safe and easy-to-follow approach to Autofellatio.

You'll notice things like "Nutrition" is one of the methodologies. Now, honestly, whenever I see anything like this I turn around and run like hell. Because it usually means that the author wants me to totally change my diet and purchase $100.00 worth of health-food supplements every week to get results. This isn't the case with my book. I have a handful of pages on nutrition. This information points you in the direction of some dietary changes that will help you increase the flexibility, health, and strength of our targeted tissues. These are simple changes anyone can accomplish. Changes that most people should be doing regardless if they are trying to learn Autofellatio and Autofellate or not.

I keep things simple and worthwhile.
There are no pie-in-the-sky impossible stretches, exercises, or regimens you have to follow. You don't have to shut yourself off from the world and meditate in a cave for six years before you can Autofellate. Just basic, simple, and down-to-earth "exercises" that should help you attain your Autofellatio goals. Again, anyone who can spend 30-minutes in a Sixth-Grade PE class should find my book a piece of cake.

I do go into some aspects, at the end of the book, of Kundalini-like experiences and how these can be obtained from the Autofellation process.
These are "higher states" of intensified sexual energy that men spend their lifetimes trying to develop. Most men will find this information extremely worthwhile & completely mind-blowing using autofellatio as your guide.

Is "Yogafellatio" a medical book? Absolutely not. It is a simple self-help book to teach men how to perform Autofellatio. If you can learn how to stretch out your hamstrings or learn how to do pull-ups correctly, this is the basic level of the book. Autofellatio, after all, is not that difficult to perform; in fact autofellatio is easier to perform than most think.

What can you expect when you purchase my book? Read it and understand the basics. Then, for most men, you will need to spend about 30 minutes a day for about two weeks doing basic stretches, easy tissue unlocking, and simple exercises. Once the body has become accustomed to its "new" self, then it's time to proceed onto the Positions utilized for Autofellatio! One can dive into the Positions right from the start, of course, but it's best to get the body limber and properly unlocked for Autofellatio. Some of the positions and stretches are based on Yoga principles, hence the "Yoga" in Yogafellatio. Many of the stretches and exercises used for autofellatio are not.

Men will soon discover what areas they need to concentrate on the most.
What's great is that many of the "exercises" in my book can be accomplished during your lunch hour or while simply sitting at your desk during work. As you progress, you should discover that you feel healthier, sleep better, have less stress, more energy, and have a greater zest for living, just by learning autofellatio.

It's that simple. Again, if you are able to do what a Sixth-Grade PE Class can do, you're good to go!

NOTE TO THE LADIES: I have had many enquiries if these techniques can be used for Autcunnilingus. Yes, most of the techniques are applicable. However, this book is written from a male point-of-view for males. There are some anatomical differences with the female and male pelvis; and even hormones, such as Relaxin released during pregnancy, that effect ligaments (in women) and the continuitous strength of these ligaments. While the book should be quite helpful for autocunnilingus (Yogalingus!), I have to admit this book is really written for men.
"Yogafellatio" is an e-book on autofellatio techniques. It can easily be viewed and read with the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader available from Adobe at no charge or, even better, print out your own hard copy. It is in the Adobe PDF format in a Zip file.

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My friends, enjoy your newly-found Sexual Freedom and Autofellatio Paradise...

Your life will NEVER be the same once you master autofellatio!

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As you can see, I've included lots of detailed pictures in the book. This helps men better visualize and understand what the Autofellatio process is all about. I've tried to leave no stone unturned in presenting you with information that is clear, concise, and accurate - Giving you the best information I can to help you. It might seem like overkill to some, but no one will complain because the book lacks information! "Do it right or don't do it at all." That's my credo.

Where are my Testimonials? Another good question! I'll certainly fail Internet Marketing 101, that's the truth; but I did do some homework and looked at some other male-sexual books on-line and read the supposed "testimonials" of their "customers." I won't even give you my opinion of them. Obviously, most of them were clearly made up and had nothing to do with reality. IMHO, Autofellatio deserves more than that.

So I asked a friend, who I had given a copy of my book to, to write up a testimonial. Do you know what he said? Here's what he said,
"Listen, Frank, you don't need testimonials for this. Your autofellatio book sells itself. Nobody; I mean nobody has this kind of info... The smart guys will know what you've got; forget the rest of them..."

Yes, my Autofellatio Book Does Sell Itself, IMHO.

Read this autofellatio book and you'll see why.

autofellatio ramificational information
Place yourself in the Center of the Flow Chart:
There are four Yellow Triangles that refer to the METHODS you will utilize:

These Methods will address the four Red Triangles which are the TARGETS. These areas are:


They will be targeted using Special TECHNIQUES which are shown by the Blue Triangles:

The end result is the Brown Triangle which is INCREASED FLEXIBILITY. The Increased Flexibility Allows you to Autofellate, or what I call YOGAFELLATIO (the Green Circle on the Right).
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